Swiss Gear Canopy With Screen

Swiss Gear Canopy With Screen

This product has well over 100 reviews from Amazon with a 4 star rating. Most talk of what a great product this is to buy and to be aware that the first time you set it up there is a little learning curve. Someone mentioned that it’s not really bug proof since the roof and the walls are two separate pieces. Even though the roof overhangs the screen, there’s not a good seal between the two. This particular person had some bugs crawl up the screen to the roof and then fell down on their head.

Anyhow, continue to read the description below to get a better idea if this pop up canopy is for you. It really has some good reviews.

Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10- by 10-Foot Screenhouse sets up in minutes and has three settings on the legs for height adjustment, with the tallest at 76 inches. Batwings and guyouts provide added stability in windy conditions with patented dual stabilizer arms in each corner for added eave support, easy-release buttons that won’t pinch fingers and ensure quick and easy assembly. Screen walls are removable and this Swiss Gear Canopy comes in an expandable, wheeled duffel bag for easy transport and a carry weight of 45 pounds.



Designed for durability, functionality, and portability, the Swiss Gear Smart Shade 10-by-10-foot Screenhouse sets up and folds down in minutes. Lightweight and easy to carry, this outdoor canopies tubular steel frame is strong enough to provide a rigid shelter that withstands strong winds. Built-in batwings and guyouts provide added stability in windy conditions. Versatile deck feet with anchor points for stakes or screws are also included for added stability.

The frame is designed to be lightweight, yet strong. Its telescoping corner post provide the screen house’s upright support while its upper support is made of a series of connected, scissor-like steel sections with pivoting joints. Fully unfolded, the steel canopy frame creates a taut, clean-lined canopy roof with an attractive fascia or eave covering the scissored frame work. Other features include patented, easy-release buttons that won’t pinch fingers and a heavy-duty water repellent 210D polyester covering that’s enhanced with a special UV resistant coating for added durability.

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Curtis G says:

Quality is always worth the money I had wanted a pop-up canopy for some time, primarily to use at the outdoor shooting range, and after the last range trip where we had no shade whatsoever, I finally bought the Swiss Gear screen house. Although EZ-UP has more name recognition, I was looking at the Quik Shade 10×10 Recreational model because I’d used them at work and really liked the vented canopy. However, the legs were flimsy.This screen house had good reviews and although the price was higher than comparable products from competitors, I decided on the Swiss Gear. (Their reputation was an additional selling point.) It’s taken me a long time to learn the “pay once for quality” lesson, but I’ve finally learned it (and this purchase reaffirmed it). I was initially disappointed to learn that the canopy is designed to be removed from the frame every time you take it down, but I got over it.We have no cover over our patio at home, so I decided to set this canopy up as a temporary summer solution. I put it up by myself in about 10 minutes. I would have preferred to have help, as I had to lean the canopy on two legs and I was afraid of bending them as I did the Quik Shade, but the legs are sturdy steel (vs. aluminum) and held up nicely. I have yet to attach the screen panels but I expect them to perform as well as the canopy itself.Overall, it’s fantastic and worth every penny. It looks great and works as advertised. Bonus: This past Friday we had our first family backyard barbecue in 14 years!Update 11/16/08: Each time I use it, it makes me happier. This past weekend I took the canopy to an outdoor car show. My uncle commented on how easy it was to set up, and said, “Boy, you got the deluxe model.” I attached one of the screen panels (it comes with two; they attach to each other with zippers and attach to the canopy with Velcro and metal hooks) and was again pleased with the ease of setup and the quality of the product. This time when I folded the canopy, I left the top cover on the frame and it required very little extra effort to put the whole thing into the storage bag.One suggestion: I’d like to see a rubber or plastic bumper around the bottom of the storage bag. I dragged the bag about a foot before I realized I didn’t have it on its wheels, and the asphalt wore through a couple of layers of nylon. My fault entirely, but a skid plate would be a nice touch.Update 12/31/10: I had some high-wind experience with this canopy recently. The wind was blowing directly perpendicular to one side of the canopy, and as we were trying to secure it with sandbags and guywires, I noticed that two of the bars on the “accordion” part of the metal frame had actually bent in the middle. We took it down immediately, and I was able to bend the piece back into reasonable shape later. It didn’t affect the canopy’s performance at all. I’m not sure that any canopy is really going to stand up to high winds (by design or otherwise), but maybe Quik Shade’s vented design has an advantage over a non-vented design that seems to act like a kite by catching as much wind as possible.Update 6/6/11: I contacted Wenger NA about acquiring replacement parts and received a prompt reply: “I apologize but wind damage isn’t covered under warranty, and the poles / frame are not available for purchase separately.” So when the wind picks up, take it down.Update 7/17/11: I hate to do this after so many helpful votes, but I’m taking a star away for this canopy’s poor performance in the wind. I took it to the beach yesterday and there was a stiff breeze (certainly not gale force), and even though I’d staked the legs and attached guy wires, I had little confidence that it wouldn’t just fold up. The bent bars were on the leeward side of the canopy and yet that side collapsed inward. What really irritated me was seeing EZ-Up and First Up and no-name canopies standing tall against the wind without guy wires.NOTE: I don’t know why the price on this screen house keeps climbing (almost 50% in three years), but I see no reason not to buy the and then buy the screen walls separately if you want them. That will save you a bunch of money.

Clifford Zimmerman "cliffzim" says:

Fix for the canopy All of the comments regarding the quality of the canopy are true, but we ran into a problem with rain. If the rain is steady enough water can pool along the edge of the fabric top, and the weight will cause the side to buckle. If you’re handy with tools you can fix this problem by adding a brace to the top arms. See the picture on the main page. The brace is made from a short piece of aluminum L-channel with holes drilled in the ends. Holes will need to be drilled in the top arms on either side of the plastic connector. The connector has two nubs sticking out on the side. The trick is to drill a hole in in one top arm, connect one end of the aluminum brace, position the other end of the brace on the other top arm such that the top edge of the brace is under the nubs. This will form a shallow arch. Mark and drill the top arm and attach the other end of the brace. You need to do this once for each of the four cross arms. Doing this will slightly arch the canopy top causing water to run right off without pooling.

E. Holden says:

The BEST! Year after year ordering tent after tent. Finally, this one is fabulous! Easy to put up, sturdy, well made, sharp looking, and easy to move. Great detailed construction. Comes in a great zippered carry bag with pockets and wheels, similar to a golf travel bag. Zippers very good quality. Great fitting screens. Vertical walls give great room and coverage. The fabric is a very nice and much softer white than in the pictures. Frame is one big piece that unfolds like an accordian. 5 minutes max to put up. Much better than I expected. I put three together and now have 300 square feet of a new summer home. Could not be more pleased!

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