Do Not Buy This EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Slash Gazebo Thingy!!

Do Not Buy This EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Slash Gazebo Thingy!!

No matter how nice this EZ pop up tent with a canopy looks, do not buy! So far there are around 70 Amazon reviews with most of them a 1 star rating. This description below fails to mention that this outdoor canopy is not waterproof. I’m sorry. When looking for a tent, canopy or gazebo to place outside I think waterproof would be something you would not have to learn the hard way. Some have mentioned a torn zipper and the poles bending.

Description Below:

You are viewing an auction for a Brand New 2010 Release 10′ X 10′ EZ Pop up canopy tent. This canopy will assemble in less than one minute. It also compact into a small portable carrying case. We upgraded this canopy to a Heavy Duty Steel Frame. This canopy comes with removable walls. Our canopy’s retails for 79.99 in any major retail store. As you can see, we are selling it at a small fraction of that price. We guarantee you the lowest price & high quality or your money back no questions asked.

Do Not Buy! Check here for yourself. Start with the reviews below and click the button above to see more.

Below are some helpful websites with DIY information and safety tips would like to share.

Disaster Survival Resources
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Cheryl L. Heath "cheryl" says:

cheryl in new york This canopy is not worth 6.99 let alone 69.99 plus shipping. What a rip off! My daughter and I used it this week end for our first craft fair and this is what we encountered when we opened the box. The ropes were not long enough to anchor the canopy. The sides did not fit properly. The zippered front and back was ripped along the seam of the zipper. The zipper on the carrying case popped apart. The one side of the canopy was bowed in and definitely not sturdy. The so-called stakes were the diameter of an oversized paperclip. Do NOT waste your money. We were extremely disappointed and very embarrased by our canopy. Thank God it didn’t rain or have strong winds. Atleast someone was on our side. I would not suggest this canopy to anyone. Ours is going to the dump and chalked up as a very bad experience and big waste of money.

Z. Tangun-Kaplan says:

it rains right trough I have used the canopy twice now at art fairs. It is very easy to set up (with two people), and looks very good. However something I did not know about these canopies is that they are NOT waterproof. When it rained during my first fair, the rain came right through the fabric… So bring an extra tarp along.

Dave Gourley says:

waste of time I am a vendor – i do 49 weekends a year of indoor n outdoor shows.This product and the 10×20 gazebo I bought is pure fiction.The material used in manfacture is substandard.It bends at the joints the first time we tried to put it up.what was sent was 2 10×10 ez ups – and beleive me it was not ez to not waste your money

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