EZ UP Sierra II Pop Up Canopies For Shade

EZ UP Sierra II Pop Up Canopies For Shade

Amazon gives this product a 4 star rating. The reviews are a little mixed but anytime there are pop up canopies like this some work great while others might not. Some comments mention this to be among the best pop up awnings and that it’s the best instant canopy with easy setup. Customers that left the 1 star ratings are not happy with the size. They thought the canopy would be bigger.

The Sierra II Instant Shelter by E-Z UP features a steel frame with EZ pull pin sliders. Includes roller bag and spikes.

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Click the button above to read more reviews. After researching several portable canopies it is very helpful to read all the reviews you can before buying.

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R. Moreno "Rver" says:

Beware of size!! I bought the original sierra 12 X 12 and the canopy square footage was 100 sq ft. (10 x 10) The new sierra II 12 X 12 canopy is only 9 X 9 (81 sq Ft.).Ez up is selling the “same product” which covers less area now for the same price as the old one. Believe me when I say that the extra foot(19 sq ft) make a difference!The 12 X 12 is measured at the base of the slanted legs and the new model legs slant a lot more

Mojave Mike "Mike" says:

among the best pop-up awnings I’m a long-time camper, I’ve camped in everything from a snow filled forest to 115F deserts with no plant life at all, in sun, wind, rain, etc.The smaller E-Z Ups can be handled fairly well by one person, but even they go much faster with 2. The bigger ones really do need two people to handle.The big question is: will it actually provide you with shelter? Yes, it will. E-Z Ups actually work a fair bit better than many other brands I’ve seen. In moderate to high wind you will need to tie them down to something substantial – trees, rocks, etc. Unlike other brands, these seem robust enough – I’ve seen several other brands collapse, and their metal poles and plastic parts bend and brake. E-Z Ups seem to hold up much better. I would suggest replacing the “tent stakes” supplied with the product with something much more robust. I use construction stakes.If you’re off camping or outdoors, and there’s a chance of rain, you’ll probably want one of these over your picnic table, they work great.–I will add to this review – a tip about strong winds. Strong winds can get the better of nearly any awning, even these. The best advice is to get or make some very robust anchors for the corners. Install the anchors, attach ropes or compression cargo straps. Then set up the awning, and while holding it in place, attach the corner anchors and make the awning fast (tie it down very securely). By anchoring the corners well you will reinforce the rest of the structure. I use a mix of cargo straps and bungee cords (attached to construction stakes) and have very good results.Keep in mind, this is not a temporary house!-one more edit – EZ-up sells parts for many of their models on-line.

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