Round Folding Table With Outdoor Stackable Chairs

Round Folding Table With Outdoor Stackable Chairs

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A round folding table that’s super for entertaining. I should say that it’s more of an oval table with a beautiful design on the top. Keep reading below for more details. This 7 piece table set is complete with outdoor stackable chairs that go underneath the table which brilliantly is a cart with wheels on one end to easily move when needed.

In several of the comments left on Amazon people who bought said this table can fit 6-8 comfortably and they have gotten many compliments on it. When it comes to the color of the granite in-lay it’s explain as a golden hue that looks beautiful with specks of gray and black that blend nicely with the red cedar table.

Outdoor Interiors’ mission is guided by providing innovative, space-saving designs using beautiful and sustainable hardwoods along with an exciting array of mixed materials. Utilizing high quality hardwoods, our unique styles and durability will make your patio the envy of the neighborhood.

Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing, dense Hardwoods prized for its strength, durability and weathering characteristics in all climates. Eucalyptus is naturally resistant to decay with handsome pinkish-brown tones and a straight, light wood grain similar to Teak.

Be careful though because it will weather to a silvery finish over time unless treated 2-3 times a year with outdoor furniture oil. We recommend using a natural Linseed Oil or any Outdoor Hardwood or Teak oil for our Eucalyptus Furniture. The hardwood we use are plantation grown and very dense, with a luxurious straight grain and high oil content, similar to teak. This round folding table is excellent for outdoor furniture because of its strength, rich appearance and durability.

We also recommend using outdoor furniture covers amazon during the winter months in harsher climate zones. Outdoor Interiors is a FSC Certified manufacturer providing only plantation grown eucalyptus from well managed forests. All hardwood follows the C.O.C. Chain of Custody for managing timber from our forests through production to our factory. From the Stone & The Hardwoods collection by Outdoor Interiors.

This fully assembled set includes folding table with granite inlays, 6 patio chairs and cushions, also includes a cover for entire set when stored. The table is 70-inches and oval with a beautiful granite inlay. The chairs conveniently fold and pack neatly below the table when not in use. One end of the table has wheels on to make moving and storage a breeze. You will also find that this Outdoor Interiors S10666G table set is easily maintained with at least one annual oil treatment.

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Patio fold and store table set

Another wonderful treat is that this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Visit more outdoor furniture sets to get an even better idea of the great indoor or outdoor patio sets available. The convenience of this round folding table with stackable chairs is worth every penny. As you read through the reviews you will also see that it holds up well in the wind used on a deck, patio or garden area.

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rychelle says:

wow wow wow! This is the best outdoor table for the price i have EVER had! It was SOOOO easy to set up and if we want to store it, it is easy to fold down. Fits 6-8 comfortable!!!! WE have had a lot of compliments on it! I was wondering what color the granite in-lay was and now that I know I will try to explain to future buyers. It is has a golden hue that looks beautiful with this red cedar looking table with specks of gray and black. Out house is a lighter shade of yellow (light beige) and it works perfect! Great product! Great price!

Roger says:

Heavy enough to stay put… My balcony is on the exposed side of my building and thus it gets very windy at times. I was looking for a sturdy outdoor furniture set that wouldn’t be (too) damaged by the winds should it get blown over and that would stay on the balcony should I fail to secure it before a wind storm. While the chairs will get blown over easily and this may scuff them a little bit, since they tend to fold up when they fall over and the cushions can be tied to them, there is little chance of them blowing off the balcony. The base is plenty heavy so that all it will do is slide a bit. I don’t think it would tip over, especially given that the top is rotated 90 degrees from the picture when unfolded (so the long axis of the top is the same as the long axis of the base). If I know it’s going to be windy, I can pack it back up and it effectively becomes a solid block of wood that isn’t going anywhere.On the comfort side, the chairs and pads are nicely comfortable and the table is plenty big to seat 6. It can be a bit of a pain to unfold the top if you’re doing it alone (the instructions recommend two people), but otherwise, it is working well for me.

Henry says:

Nice and compact I love the compactness while still having a sharp look. However, it is a bit cumbersome to move around when all the chairs are put away. The table itself looks sharper than the pictures indicated.

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