Full Size Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent For Short Beds

Full Size Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent For Short Beds

Truck Bed Tents For Convenient Travel

This pickup truck tent is made for a short bed and gives you plenty of room when camping or just spending the night somewhere. You will easily see the benefits as you continue reading below. From the review you’ll hear how easy this tent is to set up and take down. It also mentions that the canvas is like the ones in the old days that can be repaired instead of thrown away just to buy a new one. When you look in the picture below you can see that this tent does not come with a bottom layer to go over your truck bed. You will surely want to have a mattress or something to lay on the floor for comfort when sleeping.

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Get the renowned quality of a Kodiak Canvas tent for your pick up truck. Pitch your tent anywhere your truck goes. Keep off the ground, high and dry, and away from the critters. Made with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight, and breathable. Our unique, clamp-on rail design with integrated, 3/4-inch, steel tube frame provides unmatched sturdiness and allows for easy set up. It’s rated for all-season use. Features five windows with no-see-um mesh, for ventilation, light, and openness. Has a cab access window. You can run a power cord from your cab to power your appliances. Features top of the line YKK zippers. Roomy 5 foot interior ceiling height. Sets up with tailgate down for added space. Convenient gear pockets with a carry bag included. Pitch your tent anywhere you can drive with the Kodiak Canvas truck tent. This short-sized tent is designed to clamp on to your truck rails with its integrated 3/4-inch steel tube frame. Once clamped, the tent keeps campers off the ground, high and dry, and away from crawling critters of any sort.

The tent’s tunnel-shaped design is spacious and secure.

The truck tent is made of a superior, marine-grade, 100-percent cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas. The custom-woven treated canvas is ideal for tents being the double-fill design is strong and durable. Yet the silicone, dry-finish treatment is watertight, breathable, and durable. As a result, campers will stay comfortable and dry even in a downpour. Unlike synthetic fabrics or canvas with a paraffin-or oil-based treatment, Kodiak’s canvas allows water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mugginess. Plus, you’ll rarely–if ever–have to retreat Kodiak canvas. In the review the customer also talks of how amazed they were at the nice temperature inside the tent even when it was pretty warm outside.

The tent’s tunnel-shaped design also maximizes interior space, with a 5-foot ceiling height that lets you sit up comfortably. You can even run a power cord from your cab to the tent through the cab access window–perfect for lighting the tent or charging your cell phone. Other details include a large D-shaped door with top-of-the-line YKK zippers, a covered entry, two handy gear pockets, and a carrying bag. The short-sized truck tent fits full-size short-bed trucks from 5.5 to 6.8 feet long. Compatible models include the Ford F Series, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan.

More About Kodiak Canvas
Born in the ruggedness of the Rockies, Kodiak Canvas has quickly earned a reputation for making tough, long-lasting tents ideal for almost any camping scenario. Each tent is made of top-of-the-line materials and components, helping Kodiak tents far outlive cheaper-made tents. The company’s tents feature Hydra-Shield canvas construction. It’s a tough and long-lasting material that minimizes mugginess and holds up to strong winds, driving rain, and even moderate snowfalls.

Product Features

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For even more information click the “Buy from amazon.com” button above. This tent must be pretty rugged if it holds up in storms and even a mild snowfall. It’s nice to see that with something like this that’s meant to protect you and your family while camping that quality is what comes first.  If interested in ground shelter we have some 6 to 8 person screened tents also.

Below are some helpful websites with DIY information and safety tips Outdoorzinit.com would like to share.

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Happy Camper says:

Best decision I made this year! I bought this truck tent above all the others I had seen or done research on because it looked much more durable than the other flimsy parachute material ones we had seen before. We had planned a week long camping trip to Oregon Coast over the summer and needed extra room for those who couldn’t fit into our trailer. We have a 2005 Toyota Tundra with a 6 ft bed. The tent fit PERFECTLY!! It was so easy to put up each night and take down in the morning. Not a lot of extra parts to lose, so it keeps together well. I was so impressed with the way it kept cool inside when it was warm out due to the window vents and strong canvas walls. It withstood strong winds and rain without any issues and was relatively quiet inside as well. My brother who is pretty tall, could stand up comfortably in the middle and we were able to put 2 sleeping cots side by side in the back or just keep one cot and a camping table, lamp and baggage. I loved the fact that it has the same material as the sleeping cot we still own from my uncles time in the Korean war and will withstand the test of time. I expect in a few years with heavy use, we may lose a seam or two, but those are much more easily repaired with any sewing machine, where other tents would be thrown away and replaced. Worth every dime….thanks Kodiak!

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