Sportz Truck Tent III For Your Pickup Bed

Sportz Truck Tent III For Your Pickup Bed

Pictured above is a convenient truck tent for a pickup bed. So fast to set up while traveling with a sewn in floor makes this a nice purchase. When a pickup truck tent comes with a floor already installed it saves time and stress. This way you can just focus on setting it up without the worry of a bunch of cleaning. The Sportz truck tent has a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon. Continue reading for more information and features of this product.

Why camp in an ordinary ground tent or an expensive RV, when you can camp right in the back of your truck. The Sportz Truck Tent III assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup in 10 minutes, creating a comfortable, restful sleeping area for two people with over 5.5 ft. of headroom. With its patented sewn in floor, you won’t have to worry about cleaning out your bed before using it.

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Pickup Bed Tent

Another super thing about tents for truck beds is that they are so handy. It’s a good practice to always store them in your truck because you never know when the need for one will come. You could decide to sleep over somewhere at a moments notice and because of your Sportz iii, the decision will be an easy one. Check out more 8 person tents here.

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Sugar Britches "Jack Ruby built the Pyramids" says:

Great tent – but no substitute for a camper shell I just bought one of these tents a couple of weeks ago. The setup took about 20 minutes and then another 10 minutes for the canopy. The tent goes up just like any other popup tent with the fiberglass poles. The tent holes are color coded to the poles so that was a plus. The setup for the middle (inside) pole (that runs across the roof on the inside) was a little awkward because you had to be in the tent to set it up.3 gripes/cons:1. The tent should have a padded floor to pad you and your knees from the hard metal truck bed. It would be fairly easy to make some sort of insert/pocket for placing padding in the bottom.2. The door for the tent is difficult to zip shut at the corner due to the high amount of tension from the arching support pole. I had to unclip the hangar clip from the pole to get the door to zip shut. Unclipping the hangar clip is a 1/2 second task that easily corrects the zipper issue.3. The canopy could be design a little better to handle rain. My canopy would pool rain water that had to be dumped. It would have been better designed by having a rainfly type pole support system. This support would keep the canopy stiff and the water would run off.Pros:1. Keeps you off the ground (great for rainy weather.)2. Tent shape is very open inside so there’s lots of room to move around inside.3. Excellent ventilation.4. Neat little ‘glove’ type hole that allows you to reach into your truck’s back window without having to expose your hand to the outside (great for when it’s raining.)It just so happens that it rained the first night I took this tent out. The rainfly and the tent kept me dry and waterproof.Overall – an excellent tent.

Chad M. "Nightdragon" says:

Wahoo! I live in Wyoming, we love to camp and off road. Was going to get this unit last year but held off. I have to say, this thing rocks. I have a full size Ford F-150.Pros:Ease of use—very nice, poles are color coded to the appropriate sleeve on the tentThe rain fly fits over the tent nicelyGood looking unit, we had folks looking at our rig all day at the camp ground. (first trip with the 4yr old!)Fits perfectly, no gaps. I was pondering the unit and at the attention to detail, it wraps around the tail gate and over the rails of the bedIt rained the first night camping (naturally) and we were dry and cozy. I did notice a few wet spots around the front corners in the morning, not sure if this was from the tent leaking or me getting out…not sure, but it stormed that night. So if that is all that leaks, I am good.Plenty of room in the tent, If you are under six feet you can stand up.Cons:The minor leak, but again not sure if it was me or not.This would be a difficult one man job to set up. My wife had to crawl in the bed to lift the tent up to get all the poles in their slot. Either way two people is very easyNote, definately get either a cot or blow up mattress for the truck bed, even if you have a bed mat. Get off of those bed humps!For the price, it is definately the way to go. Off the ground, safely in the truck. Allows me to cheaply set up the back of the truck with sleeping quarters and tow my toys!

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