Strathwood Wooden Bench With Back

Strathwood Wooden Bench With Back

A wood bench is another way you can accessorize and add  unique style to your patio, deck, balcony or garden. Just the other day I seen a bench in someone’s front yard that had a gorgeous flowering plant setting on one side. Another outdoor living area I discovered sat a bench along side teak chairs surrounding a fire pit.

Beautifully designed with ample depth and comfortable back, the Strathwood 3 seater wooden bench with back is as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable. Elegantly simple yet sturdily constructed.

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Benches, chairs, tables & decorations for your outdoor areas work to create that cozy atmosphere. Get more deck and patio furniture ideas here.

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Texas Beth says:

Love it! I was a bit wary of ordering this without a photo — but I’m so glad I went ahead and took the plunge! It’s similar in design to the other Strathmore wood benches on Amazon — horizontal slats across the back and seat, with wood arms and legs. Assembly was simple and the delivery was fast. We plan on giving the bench a coat of water sealer before sitting it outside in order to protect the color (which is a very pretty brownish/red). The bench is comfortable without a cushion, though you certainly could add one if you wanted. It’s a “true” three-seater bench — even if the three “seats” are big ones, however, I’d be hesitant to put three really large people on it as there is no center support brace on the bottom (I’d put the lightest person in the middle). All in all, this seems to be a great bench and the price is fantastic, especially considering that the shipping is free (or was when I got it). Not having to pick it up at a store and struggle to get it in and out of a car was wonderful.

skategirl says:

Cheap After pricing out a number of benches and reading the reviews, I decided on this one. I see the price is higher now, but I bought it for about $100. The pros: This bench looks just like the picture, it’s very attractive looking, sturdy, and of course – inexpensive.However, I have had some issues with this bench. First of all, it was not packaged very well. Some of the pieces rubbed together in the box, so if you look closely, you will find some scrapes and nicks in the wood. Secondly, this should have been easy to assemble. There were only 4 pieces of bench along with 8 screws. However, one of the pegs didn’t line up quite right with the peg hole. I finally managed to get it set up, but I’m lucky that I didn’t snap the wooden peg in half in the process. Lastly, this bench really isn’t very comfortable for anyone other than my cats – even with the matching bench cushion that I purchased. Perhaps I am just spoiled by my other patio furniture which is exceptionally comfortable (cheap Walmart furniture actually – that looks as good as new after 3 years of Wisconsin winters), but I don’t think I’d want to sit on this bench for an extended period of time.Now that this bench is assembled and sitting on my porch, and considering that it was inexpensive, it doesn’t seem worth the trouble to disassemble it, put it back in the box, ship it back to Amazon, and search for something else. However, I recommend to anyone who has not already purchased it — DON’T. Pay a little more for something nicer. Go to the store and physically try out benches before making your purchase.

Mary Knowlton "corkyzmom" says:

Very nice bench! This is a very nice bench — especially for the money! It came very quickly, was easy to assemble, even alone, and seems very sturdy. I plan to put it on my front porch and sit outside as often as possible this spring and summer. I would definitely recommend ordering one!

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