Inflatable Bounce Houses For Sale With Slides By Blast Zone

Inflatable Bounce Houses For Sale With Slides By Blast Zone

Summer is here and what better fun for kids and adults than backyard bounce houses? Some are inflatable water slides while others are just jumpers or bouncers. If you invest in a water park you really have both because the water could be optional. Keep reading for more details about this orange, blue and yellow jumping house.

Watch this video below and see how much your kids will love these bouncy houses!

The Rainforest Rapids Amusement Park is an ultimate combo jumper! The centerpiece of this party jungle is the Zulu bouncer, a huge jumping paradise. Climb the cliffs of Zulu to enter either of mega slides and escape into the Tiki Lagoon. The Rainforest Rapids can be used wet or dry for year-round partying. Add optional party balls, and the Tiki Lagoon becomes an adventure ball pit with three slides! Safety netting encloses the bounce area, which is crafted of commercial materials for extra spring and durability. Includes inflatable unit, UL-approved blower, carrying case, tubing and spray nozzles. Maximum occupancy is five with a maximum weight per user of 100 lbs. Measures approximately 8’L x 8’W.

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Bounce Houses For Sale

More inflatables for sale at Press the orange button or click on the picture above for more information. Be sure to read the reviews with over 10 of them at 5 stars. Click here to see more outdoor accessories.

Below are some helpful websites with DIY information and safety tips would like to share.

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The Beaver Bunch says:

Love it! Our family purchased this inflatable just over 3 weeks ago. Initially, we used it dry only. Then, for my twins’ 3rd birthday we hooked up the water hose, invited over nearly 15 children (ages 11 and under) and had a blast!I love it! It wears my kids out from playing, jumping and sliding, making for awesome naps. The mesh on the top of one side did tear off after the birthday party, but otherwise it is holding up nicely.The only drawback is getting this thing DRY for storage. After using it wet, you have to deflate it (not difficult), dump the water (mildly difficult) and finally, blow it back up and allow it to run for several hours to dry out. Finally, folding this beast up for storage is not easy (almost impossible for just 1 adult). But, I would order it again in a heartbeat.

Amazonian says:

Awesome, So Much Fun! The squeals of Joy alone are worth every penny for this bouncer! We have 4 kids 2,3,5 and 7. They love it an have a blast on it. It’s very easy to set up, although the hoses are a little bit tricky to assemble the first time (took about 5 minutes), but once you figure the hoses out, it is easy. I guess we could be considered backyard pros… we have 3 inflatables (2 from this same company), a trampoline, swingset, a pool, etc… Yes maybe our kids are spoiled, but better to spoil them outside than inside, right?From start to finish, we received a box with the Rainforest, Blower, Stakes, Patch Kit, Instructions, and hose assembly. The hoses velcro on to the areas above the 2 main slides.To inflate, you just unroll it, and hook it to the fan and turn it on and it pops up on its own. There is a bounce house in the center, where the kids can enter either of the slides from inside the house. It is most likely best for kids from 2-9, but even adults have fun in the product. Smaller kids can easily go down the slides feet first, but “big people” have to go down head first.I think “Big and Bad” is relative. Yes this is a big bouncer overall, but it is not unmanageable. For older kids, something else may be better. The slides are not real tall, and overall it seems like the park is designed for safety… for example, the step up from the bouncer to the slide is pretty low, so even small ones can climb up, and there is netting above the slides, so it is impossible to stand up or fall out from the top of the slide. The crocodile slide is probably a better choice for older kids who like a bigger slide.Overall, this is perfect for our family!

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