Multi Colored Metal 3D Butterfly Wall Art By Next Innovations

Multi Colored Metal 3D Butterfly Wall Art By Next Innovations

Beautiful 3D butterfly that reflects the light. This sturdy piece of wall art is hand crafted with metal that is perfect for indoor and outdoor decor. Try mounting or hanging one of these by the water. That could really give it a unique look with both water and the sun like a glimmer shimmer.

Next Innovations Medium Multi Refraxions 3D Butterfly Wall Art. Experience a whole new dimension in light reflective art. RefraXion pieces are laser cut from 18 gauge steel and powder coated for rust resistance. They are also durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors. Each piece is hand crafted with a grind pattern that creates a dimension to the piece that is impossible to capture in photos. This effect combines with the vibrancy of our color Infusion process. All the RefraXion pieces have brackets on the back that allow the product to hang away from the wall and the art is designed with pieces that have parts that can be bent out to give it a total 3D effect. Measures 18” x 15”

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Enjoy the color show as the light bounces all around from your metal butterfly. See some US flags and outdoor lighting here.

Below are some helpful websites with DIY information and safety tips would like to share.

Camping & Grilling Fire Safety


Anonymous says:

I really love these, we bought two.. Easy to install and they really look good. They even bend so they look more realistic

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