Secure Your Yard With Westinghouse Solar Lights

Secure Your Yard With Westinghouse Solar Lights

When researching lighting for your yard, garden or landscape you want quality. Being made with metal and glass they’re a good choice for outside solar lights.

Westinghouse Solar Lights comes in a set of 12 Premium LED Solar Lights. They have 3 Settings (Amber, White, and Color Change) There has been over 100,000 sets sold. This is one of the highest quality solar stakes on the market. They create an inviting outdoor atmosphere and each one of these 12 solar lights has a switch that lets you choose between white, amber, and color-changing illuminating effects. The integrated solar panels store energy during the day, powering the lights on into the night. And the new and updated solar lights even include 600 mAh rechargeable batteries (replaceable) for greater performance! From Westinghouse.

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Any style of solar lights will add fabulous decoration and blend well with your yard art. Always make sure to check out reviews and comments because what works for some might not be as good for others.

Below are some helpful websites with DIY information and safety tips would like to share.

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thomasterrible says:

Great value for good quality solar lights These are an excellent choice for outdoor lighting. First the fact they are made with metal and glass rather than plastic is a nice advantage. Second they have a large Amorphous solar panel on top to help keep the AA sized 600 mAh batteries (included) charged even on cloudy days. Third they are cordless so you can just stick them in the ground in your desired locations without any wiring needed. And finally they have a switch so you can have either a solid white, amber, or slowly rotating multiple colors as desired.I plan to use the rotating color setting for the holiday season then switch to white. They are bright enough to easy see a walk way they are marking for example, but not going to put out a lot of illumination to actually see much other than the lights themselves. This is not important to me but something to be aware of. A single LED is only capable of so much light output.I expect the LEDs as usual are going to last a very long time. The battery very large for the light the are powering and the solar panel large to help keep the batter charged. So a long lasting good system working together.Many outdoor solar lights are made of cheap plastic for both the lamp and the lens which makes them look cheap. These look much higher quality and having a set of 12 is very useful.Where I live we have cloudy days most of the time so having a solar panel capable of keeping these charged is an important feature.I am very happy with my purchase and though I got mine on a super sale less than being sold for now I still think that the quality for the price is good too.Much better in comparison to most other solar lamps of this quality and less expensive too.If one needs brighter illumination then another selection may be necessary, but these look and work great for my needs.Note: I have been using these for a few months now and during the dark winter days of the Seattle area there was not enough light to charge the batteries. I took them out and recharged them manually on an A/C wall charger and installed them back in the fixtures. Depending on the amount of light one has getting to the solar panels on top this may be necessary from time to time during dark days. Just something to be aware of depending upon the amount of light one is able to get to the solar panels depending upon where you live and the placement of these units.

Steven Kahn says:

Not as good as it first looks I bought these based on the generally positive reviews, but was disappointed.1) One of the lights did not work out of the box (it comes on intermittently, when it feels like it)2) One of the supports broke after a few days. The light and supporting tube are stainless steel as the description says, however the tube connects to the light via a plastic piece – this is what broke.3) If you live up north (I’m in Seattle), don’t really expect these lights to work well in the winter. Short days, little sun, we’re lucky to get a few hours of light each night. This probably applies to any solar lights, and I expect this to get better as the days get longer.As important as the preceding: Westinghouse won’t honor their warranty if you buy it thru Amazon, and Amazon won’t honor the warranty if you buy it from a 3rd party. So I either can keep them and hope no more break or return them for refund.

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