Travelocity Lawn Gnome For Your Yard & Garden

Travelocity Lawn Gnome For Your Yard & Garden

Some people go crazy over gnomes. They are mighty cute and can make you feel as you have a little buddy when you look at them. It has been said that gnomes have been described as a more airy or luminous fairy. Nathaniel Hawthorne in Twice-Told Tales (1837) contrasts the two in “Small enough to be king of the fairies, and ugly enough to be king of the gnomes”. They are also compared to elves as in William Cullen Bryant‘s Little People of the Snow (1877), which has “let us have a tale of elves that ride by night, with jingling reins, or gnomes of the mine” (cited after OED).

You could just buy a bunch of lawn gnomes and set up little mushroom or tree home decorations to make a colony or village right in your yard. 

Whether he’s placed in the garden, on the mantle, or checked through airport security, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome makes for an attention grabbing companion at home and away, or a pleasant reminder of trips to come. Hand painted cast resin. Approximately 8-inch tall.

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One of Amazon's Best Customers says:

roamin’ gnome I bought this for a colleague and left it on her desk. She loved it. It is cute without being overbearing (by it’s appearance as well as by it’s size). Makes you want to stick sunglasses on it or set it out on a recliner. We have talked about putting it on a different staff member’s desk from time to time as an office morale booster. Very cute, and a non-threatening gnome. Not scary. Let the gnome roam!

gedance says:

OK Gnomne The Travelocity Gnome looks exactly like the one on TV and ads. Good! Not so good is the fragility of it’s construction–I bought 3, and two suffered damage in shipping. Had hoped to put one outside–but it’s really an indoor gnome.

Brandon Taylor says:

I love it! Very fun to showcase to your friends. They will end up wanting one too!

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