Portable Weber Q-140 Electric Grill Easily Travels Anywhere

Portable Weber Q-140 Electric Grill Easily Travels Anywhere

Some of the comments about this grill mention the good quality and how easy it is to clean since you can remove the lower liner to wash. That can be a main factor when buying a portable grill. It’s also a space saver which is very important if camping or in small areas.

Travelers, campers & city grillers finally have a Weber grill to call their own. This right-sized outdoor electric grill proves you don’t need gas or charcoal to deliver true barbecue flavor. The heat has officially been brought. The Weber Q 140 Electric Grill features all the quality you’ve come to expect from Weber grills, with no fuel required. Just plug it in to a standard outlet, and get to grilling! Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates with 189 square inch of cooking space retain heat evenly and create beautiful sear marks. Heat retention liners in the cover and bottom maintain consistent cooking temperature. Electronic control allows for infinite heat settings for anything from delicate fish to searing steak. Underneath, a removable drip pan is easily replaceable. Includes 6-foot grounded cord to provide a safe connection to outdoor power.

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GrannyG says:

A Really Great Grill This grill is a really good quality grill and so easy to clean. All you have to do is soak the grates and liner in hot soapy water for a short while, then wash them. The grates are a really nice, heavy cast iron. I love cooking on it. It won’t give you the taste of a charcoal grill, but the food cooked on it tastes great. So far we’ve cooked steaks, chicken, and hamburgers. I previously owned another electric grill which after 3 years broke. It was hard to clean and made a greasy mess all around the grill. The little pan that catches the grease in the Weber is large enough to catch all your grease and isn’t messy to clean up. You can also buy replacements for the grease pan. I also purchased the stand and cover that goes with it. The stand has wheels on it so you can roll it around. And the cover is so nice to keep it clean…our sits on our covered back porch. After shopping around, I bought from Amazon because they had the best buy. It came super quick and was in excellent condition. We’re relly happy with our grill and with Amazon’s wonderful service.

Mud Ducky "semi Cheesehead" says:

Great grill, especially for traveling We recently bought this to replace our Q200 LP grill. The LP grill was to large, to heavy and I tired of having to deal with LP. At first we thought of going to a Q100 series LP grill. But, this seemed like a much better option assuming it works as advertised. I’m pleased to note it does work as advertised. Follow the directions and you will have well seared steaks and chops, better than our Q200 ever did actually. Also works very well for fish and shrimp given the fact that it is so easy to control the cooking temp. Cleanup is a breeze since you can remove the lower liner and wash as you see fit. We RV and space is at a premium, this is exactly what we needed to free up a bit of room. If you need to use a extension cord, don’t cheap it out on one with to small wire. I got a 12 AWG and it works fine.

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