Award Winning Char-Broil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill

Award Winning Char-Broil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill

Grilling brings out much excitement for most people. It makes me think of warm weather fun where the family is all together playing outside and just enjoying nature. For some maybe it is the thought of having luscious grilled food which can also be a healthier way of cooking.

The Char-Broil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill is so named because it features Char-Broil’s patented and award winning Quantum Infrared cooking system. The Quantum Infrared cooking system completely climates flare ups and its design allows for perhaps the greatest grilling versatility seen in years. Each burner has its own temperature gauge located above the control knob and working at grate level for a true reading of the heat about to sear your steak or whatever you may be grilling. The Quantum Infrared design also allows you to add wood chips directly on to the cooking grates for added flavor and no flare up. This 2 burner grill is highly efficient due to the unique patented infrared grates and thus needs just 2 burners get the job done with the smaller cooking area. The Quantum Infrared Urban is ideal for a wide range of cooking temperatures. Perhaps space is an issue for your patio or perhaps you just want high-end infrared cooking performance without the 500+ price tag. This grill features 340 Square Inch of primary cooking area, 125 Square Inch of secondary cooking area, new “Surefire” electronic ignition, and a combination of stainless steel and painted steel appliance style cart construction with folding side shelves. As with all grills, we recommend keeping the firebox clean to help avoid flare up as well as using a grill cover to protect your investment.

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Jeff Kimble says:

the absolute BEST grill for the money! I am a grill fanatic so when it was time to pick out a new one, research was a borderline obsession of mine. I settled on this IR grill from Char-Broil.The major, most important thing to consider about this grill is that it cooks much more quickly than your standard LP grills and is a lot more like charcoal in that sense. You need to “relearn” grilling times to an extent but once you do, you’ll have the best grilled foods you could possibly imagine! Here are the things I love most about it and really helped make my mind up about this one over its competitors.Best Features:-Temp gauges at the grilling surface: I’ve never seen this on any other grills before and helps to keep an eye on the temperature where it matters: at the surface. You don’t measure your stove top temps at the hood, do you? Exactly.-Folding shelves: this allows the grill to become extremely compact and makes for easy storage out on the porch. It also makes it an ideal choice for people in smaller residences like apartments, condos, townhomes, etc.-Infrared: By far, the most important thing! It’s not all “marketing hype”, it truly makes a huge difference! IR will sear the outside of the food and “trap” the juices inside, making EVERYTHING more juicy than you can even imagine! Plus, it makes really cool sear marks. Like I said, pay attention to cook times, though, as stuff cooks extremely quick on this. If you don’t have one, I’d suggest an instant read thermometer as well.There simply isn’t a better grill in this size or price range. Period, bar none. And if you need a bigger grill, I’d look at Char Broil’s Quantum grills that are bigger instead of straying. One of the best purchases I’ve made in a LONG time!

Todd Dolbin says:

Still working great after a year Had this grill for a year so far and I wanna address some points people brought up:”Cleaning it is a pain” – Not really. In fact, it’s pretty easy since the grates come off and the infrared panels come out too. I clean it after every use and is very easy. I could see it becoming a pain if you: use lots of sweet/syrupy sauces and NEVER clean it. Then yes, things could get crusty. If you don’t have time to clean it after EVERY use, just leave it on high heat for about 10 min after cooking and all the crud brushes off pretty easily.”It Rusts” – Still no problem here. If you don’t clean it, let it sit in the rain, and never treat the grates, yes, you will get rust just like every grill. If you take care of the grates by wiping them/spraying them with vegetable oil after every other use, they will hold up just fine. Same with the infrared panels. If you keep your grill outside…clean it, oil it, COVER IT.”Flair-ups still happen” – No. They don’t. This is one thing that I really like about this grill. No matter how many greasy burgers you have going, you don’t have to worry about opening the lid and being surprised with a huge bon fire. This grill doesn’t “catch on fire” like others.My Thoughts: The only reason I’m not giving this a full five stars is because of two things:First: it takes about 10-15min to get it hot enough to start cooking…which is pretty standard for most grills. However, Some people say that it can’t produce a good sear. If you want something seared, best to wait over 20min…it works, you just have to be patient.Second: The heat is a little uneven. Granted, it only takes one or two uses to grasp the heat distribution, it can be a tricky at first. The back edge gets hotter than the front but the center is very even. If you’re cooking something, just keep an eye on what’s happening in back…you’ll probably have to swap the front meat with the rear stuff half way through cooking. If you wanna visually see how the heat is distributed, go out an buy a cheap loaf of white bread. Turn on the grill and then line the entire grill surface with the bread. Give it a few minutes then turn it off and flip over your now toasty bread. Now you can see where the heat is.

The Consumer "Jason" says:

I was sceptical of the “infrared technology” but I am now a true believer!! Pros: Very well designed and manufactured~ Good fit and finish~ Sturdy, solid grill~ The infrared is a completely unique cooking technique that works and works well~ The top, front door, grates, burners and infrared emmiters and hardware are all stainless steel~ Seems to use less propane than conventional gas grill~ Temp gauges seem to be accurate and solid~ Allows you to burn woodchips or natural wood charcoal directly on the grates its amazing and soo easy to do!!~ The best grill I have ever owned….or used for that matter!!~ If your in the market for a $300 grill, buy this thing!Cons: Not too sure about the Surefire start system as of yet. The button has to be pushed just right but once it is… click click boom its lit!~ Ikea has nothing on Char-Broil in the “Uhhh I have to put ALL OF THIS together?” catagory~ If your not a handy person with a good set of basic tools, you better hope your friend or neighbor is!~ I am a handy person and this was a pretty long build to do by my self(3+ Hours). I don’t know if this is really such a con, but for some it may be so i figured I would mention it. One reason it takes so long is because it is a well built grill with a lot of heavy duty hardware and support brackets ~ LOTS OF PARTS TO ASSEMBLE!

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